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   Vikings S02E06 PROPER HDTV x264-KILLERS



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[#212547] Written by: scudsy [04/04/14, 03:29]
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awesome - thanks for the up. good work. been waiting through a very long week for this.
[#212552] Written by: felix2468 [04/04/14, 06:57]
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not sure if this is a legit version? has partial ads scattered throughout and finishes mid scene. no credits
as previous rips have had. i am sourcing an alternate from tpb and will report back.
[#212561] Written by: Kobayashi [04/04/14, 11:58]
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i can confirm this video ends before end of episode.
[#212570] Written by: BoonesFerry [04/04/14, 18:06]
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the proper by killers...does appear to be missing a few frames at the end, so it appears to be
cut short, but in reality only a fraction of a second short. by scene rules, if it's cut short, then it
would be a technical flaw and the release could be nuked. however, my guess it that this release
won't be nuked, because we're only talking a few frames, a fraction of a second.

as for the end credits, they are not required, they are optional, per scene rules. not including
end credit is not considered by the scene to be a technical flaw...a release would not be nuked for
not including them (there are exceptions, follow the links below.)

the sd x264 tv releasing standards 2012
the 720p x264 tv releasing standards 2011 update 2

[#212576] Written by: Fett [04/04/14, 23:33]
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anyone got a link to a version without commercials and full ending?
[#212577] Written by: decanos78 [05/04/14, 01:10]
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yes this version has 3 breaks through it and cuts the end abbruptly, tho at
the end theres only 2/3 seconds and then the credits should start, still...
i cant believe they released this crap, is it just me or are releases lately
always have something wrong with them? be it, oos, ads, end missing,
picture breaking up.. come on the scene.. pull ur fingers out, we dont care
who gets the release out first.. we just want the quality, we know you can
give us that.
[#212580] Written by: Volvi [05/04/14, 02:36]
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yes a very poor copy, bad enough breaks and skips during but to end the way it did cut short and not
knowing whether the next few moments were imperitive to the scene or not.
[#212581] Written by: BoonesFerry [05/04/14, 02:48]
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the way i look at it is like this...

sharing info about quality is fine, sharing factual statistical data is fine, expressing some frustration
is fine, but bashing or whining about the scene who provide us with a ton of free shit isn't helpful
and it comes across as entitled and ungrateful. the scene isn't perfect, they make mistakes. are
you perfect, do you make mistakes? if it were not for the scene, this site would not exist.

the alternative to relying on torrents...do it yourself, cable or satellite + dvr.

yes, the end of this release, the way it suddenly freezes, without fading to black does make you
wonder...is that the real ending or am i missing something important. yes, it can be frustrating.

[#212599] Written by: Gelious [06/04/14, 10:22]
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relax guys, after watching it i downloaded another release from tpb to check - there is nothing
missing, only credits. and they even didn't have next episode's trailer this time, so all is well.

but yes, that was the worst edited proper version i ever saw...
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