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   Vikings S01E04 HDTV x264-2HD



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[#196903] Written by: wynn [18/03/13, 13:48]
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this the actual fourth episode or another cwappy quality pre-air web version? :/
[#196904] Written by: zaphod6502 [18/03/13, 14:02]
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download and check file sizes and all will be revealed young padawan.
[#196905] Written by: wynn [18/03/13, 14:16]
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Quote by zaphod6502
download and check file sizes and all will be revealed young padawan.

hehe, thanks

reason i asked was only that the third episode was added to the show information page at the
time but the fourth wasn't. which it is as well now. so i'm going for it

did i mention that i'm not much for the pre-air low-quality web-versions?
[#196909] Written by: ockraz [18/03/13, 16:32]
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Quote by wynn
this the actual fourth episode or another cwappy quality pre-air web version? :/

you shouldn't even have to bother checking the file size.
scene releases specify their source in the file name.
the low quality pre-air web version will say 'webrip',
whereas the normal one will say 'hdtv'
for high definition tv.

[#196911] Written by: BoonesFerry [18/03/13, 16:37]
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i'm not aware of e04 airing on cable or satellite tv.
so i'm guessing the source is webrip/web download (of hd quality),
and not a hdtv source. i dunno. /me confused.

from the nfo file:
release name----- vikings.s01e04.hdtv.x264-2hd
release date----- 2013-03-18
release size----- 395.7mb
play time-------- 00:43:36.490
resolution------- 720x406
frame rate------- 23.976 fps
video bitrate---- 1125kbps
video codec------ x264
audio ----------- 140kbps
audio codec------ aac

for my own education, i will research further what qualifies for the hdtv source designation.
i frequently refer back to http://scenerules.irc.gs/n.html?id=2012_sdtvx264u1.nfo but this
document does not specifically addrewss webrips or hd quality network downloads. so i'll ask
around, and if i learn something new and helpful, i'll report back here.

[#196914] Written by: ockraz [18/03/13, 17:13]
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huh- maybe i misunderstood the naming conventions. i thought that the source (whatever the quality
may be) had to be specified. at least the arguments about movies in the comments section on tpb
give that impression.
[#196915] Written by: ockraz [18/03/13, 17:17]
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the early releases of ep 2&3 were labeled as webrip's but they were half the size of this file.
[#196918] Written by: THRobinson [18/03/13, 17:43]
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tvdb says that both aired last night.


so i'm going to download it. file name and size is usually a good way to check (as mentioned above) but,
sometimes people make files bigger than they need to be and sometimes people name files poorly.
probably why wynn was asking.
[#196919] Written by: ockraz [18/03/13, 17:49]
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Quote by throbinson
both aired last night.

ty throbinson, mystery solved!

[#196921] Written by: BoonesFerry [18/03/13, 18:00]
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tvdb is not a definitive source.

thetvdb.com is nice to look at and they do
a decent job with tv-show schedules, but they
are not high on my list for accuracy/correctness.
tvdb schedule information is crowd sourced,
rather than direct from network feed or network
press releases. anyone can change the schedule
on tvdb. this has its pros and cons. if tvdb lists
an episode as aired, has it actually aired? or did
someone watch the web stream or dl a torrent
and decide to list the episode as aired?
there is little to no credible oversight on tvdb.
unlike wikipedia, also crowd sourced but require
citation and they have a great deal of credible
oversight resulting in a high degree of correctness.

[#196923] Written by: ockraz [18/03/13, 18:40]
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Quote by boonesferry

tvdb is not a definitive source.
tvdb schedule information is crowd sourced,

didn't know that. actually i'm not familiar w/ tvdb.

i checked zap2it, which i consider to be authoritative & they have the 24th for ep 4.
imdb has the same. tv.com & tvrage do too.
[#196924] Written by: BoonesFerry [18/03/13, 18:56]
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found it >>> comcast ondemand.
just like the early ondemand episodes of californication.
there is also an early torrent (2013-03-17 21:02:38)
of bates motel, it must have also been from ondemand.
(we will probably torrent bates motel later tonight)

[#196925] Written by: THRobinson [18/03/13, 19:06]
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tvdb is pretty accurate, they stick with what the official sites say whenever a dispute comes up about air
dates/order. i have a lot of shows and my media server scrapes from their db and i've never had any
issues with accuracy.

it is like wiki in the sense that if the season/series hasn't yet been locked, anyone can update the info, but,
lot of users out there that will post a change request if something isn't accurate. so there is moderating.

that being said, i'm watching it right now... and visually looks the same as the s01e03 hdtv rip, same
quality and same history hd logo in the bottom right corner.
[#196926] Written by: ockraz [18/03/13, 19:25]
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Quote by boonesferry

found it >>> comcast ondemand.

good job
i hadn't thought of ondemand.
this'll prob get even more common in future.

i'm skeptical of bates hotel. a psycho reboot prequel?!
otoh vera farmiga is such a talented actress that i'll give it a watch.
i wouldn't think that she'd choose a lousy tv project
or that she'd need to to sign up for one
w/ up in the air still fresh in ppl's memories.
[#196929] Written by: decanos78 [18/03/13, 19:51]
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ok as no one has actually commented on the quality of this version, i've
watched it all the way through, great copy, audio's fine, quality seems fine
to me as i dont usually d/l hd versions.. though this is recorded from the
history channel hd.
don't quote me but i think maybe they did air 2 episodes.. i don't think
this is a webrip, its too good a quality, and as someone already stated, if
it was a webrip it woulda been put into the title of the torrent like what
they did with the other webrip that got posted.
perfectly watchable, enjoy.. and ty uploader.

edit: ignore this.. lol seems other people figured out why the release, ondemand!
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